Dear Neighbours,


225 Brunswick is a beautiful and unique character building in our community. However, it is in dis-repair and having been built as a synagogue that has always been used as a commercial building (but that is now zoned residential), it no longer has a legal usage. It makes sense to adapt it for residential.


However, converting an old synagogue into a legal residential dwelling with a design that both Heritage Preservation and City Planning will support, is extremely costly. We looked extensively at one-to-six-unit options, but they will not cover the hard and soft costs associated with renovating this structure and the individual unit sizes would be very large, making them astronomically expensive. Seven is the sweet spot between being viable (able to legally convert the building, while protecting it), and yet not increasing density by too much. A seven-unit residential conversion is actually the only viable solution that we, and the dozens of experts we have worked with over the years have found, that is feasible and meets the needed criteria of the most stakeholders. 


Our request for your support on what we know is a controversial proposal for some in the neighbourhood is not without an exceptional amount of work looking at all possible options, including less density. Our proposal has been three years in the making, involved eight different fully developed iterations, dozens of consultants, councilor, community, and HVRA input. It is a creative and sensible solution to a really difficult challenge.  For your reference, you can view the full application proposal which was recently submitted to the Committee of Adjustment. Whatever your position may be, we feel it is only fair that you are given the real facts, plans, and history of the project so that you can make an informed decision. 


Thank-you for your time and consideration.



  The 225 Brunswick Development Team