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Black Car Service


The Brunswick Lofts was granted a special status during its planning approval. As a result, each home in the building is pre-approved to receive two street parking permits from the city. This enables residents to park two vehicles on Brunswick and the surrounding streets at any time, 24/7, for as long as needed. There is sufficient street parking available and usually always very close to the building.

The section of street in front of the Brunswick Lofts has been zoned by the city as a loading and unloading zone, which accommodates two to three vehicles. This allows residents, couriers, ride-sharing, or any service up to 15 minutes. It is a fantastic bonus for the building. 

There are also several private parking spaces available for rent nearby, which will be shortlisted for buyers when closing if requested. 

For guests, Brunswick Avenue and several of the surrounding streets have free one-hour parking during the day, and 24-hour guest permits can be purchased online, by permit holders, at any time.

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