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By award winning Suulin Architects, every unit has been created with that wow effect they are known for, without losing the character a great heritage conversion should have. The choice of materials, like the layout, is informed by the original building. The units incorporate high end appliances, designer fixtures, recessed lighting, expert carpentry, and exposed brick. They have been designed to embrace and leverage the angles of the building, contrast corners with curves, introduce new wood types while re-using original ones, maximize natural light while embracing character element warmth, and above all create something that is extremely livable. 

The layout of the units is largely informed by the existing heritage elements, and flow of the building itself. This translates into seven different layouts, which flow instinctively with the building, and create incredible living spaces. Enormous effort was invested in making sure every square foot of each unit, was utilized most effectively. This creates beautiful as well as extremely comfortable spaces.  

All of the units have their own individual street front entrances, as well most have their own dedicated outdoor spaces. They incorporate the newest sound proofing technology, appliances, and design trends, but in many ways maintain the warmth of a heritage house. We know our buyers can likely afford many different options of housing, and so the goal is to strip away the bad and give you the best of every type. As such The Temple's units are in many ways luxury condo, heritage house, character loft, street front townhouse, and designer studio all in one.


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