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The South Annex

A Residential Utopia

The South Annex, also known as Harbord Village, is situated in the heart of Toronto and is considered one of the most charming and safest neighborhoods in the city. Its heritage houses and old trees will transport you back in time, while its proximity to some of the best-reviewed restaurants, the vibrant energy of Bloor Street, and the luxury of nearby Yorkville will keep you connected to the pulse of the city. If you choose to live at 225 Brunswick, you will find yourself in the midst of some of the most sought-after real estate in the city, providing you with the perfect opportunity to experience the best of what Toronto has to offer.

A Real Neighbourhood


The streets are beautiful, lined with tall trees dwarfing the large Victorian and Edwardian houses many built around 1880, there are now over 500 buildings in the Annex that are heritage protected, which means the development of high-rises is restricted. In many ways these areas are a reflection of Toronto’s diversity at it’s very best, and they are home to a terrific variety of shops offering products such as fashion, books, music, giftware, health food and hardware. Its restaurants and many cafes offer a mouth-watering selection cuisine from around the globe. A wide range of well-established professional services are also available, including legal, medical, financial, travel, and a growing variety of health and well-being centers. 

Image by Aditya Chinchure

One Of The Best Walk Scores In The City 


Perhaps what is best about living at The Temple Lofts is that you can walk to pretty much everywhere, and in under ten minutes. 


Bloor Street is one of the cities most diverse and vibrant main arteries


Harbord Street is home to some of the best reviewed restaurants in the city



The Historic Hot Docs Cinema is the only cinema dedicated to the best of documentary films


The Bata Show Museum


An evening of classical music at Koerner Hall -Sarah McLachlan and Diana Krall are alumni 

The Spadina Subway Station is a main artery for the cities public transit, which takes you anywhere you want

A contemplative stroll through Philosopher’s Walk 



The Royal Conservatory of Music (which has some of the best concert music in the world) to the University of Toronto campus 



University of Toronto - St. George Campus 



The Royal Ontario Museum, one of Canada’s largest and most important cultural institutions


Yorkville home to some of the highest luxury brands and restaurants 


Little Italy and Kensington Market are two of the cities coolest areas for the hipster in all of us


The Art Gallery Of Ontario

Image by Patrick Schneider

The Best Restaurants Steps Away


Any review of the neighbourhood would be remiss without including a separate section on the restaurants, because the Annex and surrounding areas have the best in the city. A list of just a few of our favourites. So many patios and eateries to choose from!

  • Rasa - 1 Minute Walk

  • Flock - 1 Minute Walk

  • Crafty Coyote - 1 Minute Walk

  • Indian Desire - 1 Minute Walk

  • By The Way Cafe - 1 Minute Walk

  • Future’s Bistro - 1 Minute Walk

  • Victory Cafe - 1 Minute Walk

  • Insomnia - 1 Minute Walk

  • Mi Taco and Bubba’s Chicken - 1 Minute Walk

  • Thai Basil - 2 Minute Walk

  • Madison Avenue Pub - 2 Minute Walk

  • Kenzo Ramen - 3 Minute Walk

  • Aroma Espresso Bar - 3 Minute Walk

  • Ghazale Restaurant - 3 Minute Walk

  • Kinka Izakaya - 3 Minute Walk

  • Guu Izakaya - 3 Minute Walk


Surrounded By Parks and Green Space

The area around The Temple Street Lofts is packed with many wonderful parks, as well as much of the U of T outdoor campus that is open to the public. There are also many art installations and culture parkettes (a new one just opened at the end of Brunswick one-minute walk). Whether it be dog parks, lounging, or working out there are dozens of options within a couple minutes stroll. 


Unlimited Shopping

Bloor Street West is home to some of the best shopping in the World, from the cool shops at the end of the street, to the luxury brands of Yorkville, whatever you want is a few minutes walk away. Here is sample of some of our favourites nearby.

Yorkville's Holt Renfrew where you can get whatever luxury item you want all under one roof - 7 Minute Walk

At the end of Brunswick is a new thrift shop, which has gently used clothes from all over the world, at ridiculously low prices. Even if you don't think you are a thrift shopper, we think you might be surprised what you find in this one - 1 Minute Walk 


Risqué Clothing is a local Toronto boutique owned by two sisters, Ondina and Nancy. Ondina and Nancy's love for fashion and retail has been the secret to their success. Their team works together to carefully curate every collection which people come from around the city to buy - 3 Minute Walk

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