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"Once we made this as a one-bedroom with a two-story and open-concept front layout, it suddenly freed the design and turned into something very special."

SUMMARY ​ The home is located in the East end of the building and has windows on the north and south sides, providing a great flow of natural light throughout the day. It features a master king bedroom with a walk-in closet, and an ensuite bathroom with a custom rain shower, bathtub, and two sinks. The master bedroom is open to the lower level, creating a sense of space and allowing for wonderful light from the two stories of south-facing windows. There is a small private patio at the front of the unit with a dedicated entrance. The overall feeling when walking into the unit is that of a true luxury loft. ​ DESIGN PERSPECTIVE ​ "At first we thought this was going to be a tricky space, as it had to co-exist with an existing, but separate entrance also at the east of the building. However, once we made the decision this would be the only Garden home with a two-story front open-concept layout and a one-bedroom, it suddenly freed the design and turned into one of the most special of the Garden units. It still has all the great qualities of the other Garden homes, but this one has the only open-concept master bedroom and the only walk-in closet, and by freeing up the second floor it allows for a very spacious bedroom and en suite bathroom, as well as a chez lounge area. Like the other garden homes, it has a small front terrace, but it is the only Garden home with pre-installed automatic black-out Lutron blinds (all homes are pre-wired, but only this home and the three penthouses have them already included)." - THE DESIGN TEAM




浴室 1.
卧室 1


  • 特大号床配置

  • 朝北的窗户

  • 步入式衣柜


  • 双水槽

  • 雨秀r


Please note all renderings are design mockups and changes have been made as construction has proceeded that are not yet reflected. However, the general feeling and quality of each unit have been maintained and specific design sheets will be provided for serious enquiries. We have made a conscious decision to wait until the project is sufficiently completed (90%) before putting any units up for sale. Our goal is to provide a top-notch experience for potential buyers by allowing them to physically (or virtually if abroad) visit the units, while in their final stages of construction.   

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