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"We took a risk, deciding to make The Seiganto only one bedroom, instead of maximizing the second floor and cramming in a small den. It paid off ten-fold."

SUMMARY ​ This exquisite home is a rare gem. Located on the 3rd and 4th floors of the building, this open space design features windows on both the North and South sides that provide exceptional natural light throughout the day. There are three full-length designer two-story windows, creating a true blend of contemporary and open loft design. You'll be amazed by the unique Juliet Balconies, which are only found in two of the homes in the building. The north-facing master bedroom offers a king-size bed and distinct angled views. The skylights, one in the master bedroom and one in the en-suite bathroom provide plenty of natural light and an unbeatable ambiance. The en-suite bathroom is a true masterpiece, complete with a custom rain shower, sinker bathtub, and two sinks. Additionally, this home boasts a dedicated entrance with double doors and a vestibule that leads to your own private patio. With its unique angles and special features, this home is truly one-of-a-kind.  ​ DESIGN PERSPECTIVE ​ " We always knew this home was going to be special, it has one of the two heritage foyers as its dedicated entrance, it has one of the biggest and only west side garden patios, and as one of the three penthouses we knew the views would be incredible. However, it was a difficult one to fully imagine. So, it was not until the framing stage was completed that we could stand in the space and fully assess it. We took a risk on it, deciding to make it only one bedroom, instead of maximizing the second floor and cramming in a small den. It paid off ten-fold. By leaving the southern second floor of the design open the kitchen, living room and dining room spaces become simply exceptional.  The two-story Juliette balcony windows make this one of the brightest (which says a lot because they are all hugely bright) and most open homes in the project, while also allowing enough room on the second floor of the home to have a proper master and en suite. This is one of the homes that we know when people are actually in it, they are going to be just blown away." - The Design Team ​




浴室 1.5
卧室 1


  • 特大号床配置

  • 朝西的窗户

  • 加长衣柜


  • 双水槽

  • 阵雨|浴缸

  • 天空之光


前厅带衣柜和原创的 文物入口


Please note all renderings are design mockups and changes have been made as construction has proceeded that are not yet reflected. However, the general feeling and quality of each unit have been maintained and specific design sheets will be provided for serious enquiries. We have made a conscious decision to wait until the project is sufficiently completed (90%) before putting any units up for sale. Our goal is to provide a top-notch experience for potential buyers by allowing them to physically (or virtually if abroad) visit the units, while in their final stages of construction.   

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