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"We suddenly realized we had an unexpected opportunity, we could incorporate a spiral staircase, gas fireplace, and partially maintain the double-height first floor while maintaining a second bedroom/den."

SUMMARY ​ Located on the east side, experience luxurious living in the largest suite of the building, a home that will awe you and your guests. A spiral staircase and gas fireplace make this the most premium home in the building. There is exceptional natural light with windows on the North, South, and East sides. There are two Juliet Balconies and three south-facing windows. The master bedroom has a skylight, and the en-suite bathroom features a custom rain shower and two sinks, along with a second skylight. The second bedroom is versatile, outfitted for a Resource Furniture LGM Rotating Bed and Table (upgrade), making it functional as both a den and a second bedroom. The guest bathroom has a bathtub rain shower combo, perfect for a relaxing soak. The unit has a dedicated entrance on the south side, complete with a small vestibule, to provide you with privacy and convenience. This truly is one of a kind. ​ DESIGN PERSPECTIVE ​ "I mean we always knew this was going to be one of the most spectacular, and very early on in the design process became the biggest and most complex home in the building. At 1550 square feet we knew it had to be at least a two-bedroom, but we had been very careful with the other penthouse units not to lose the height and power of the south window exposure, and we did not want to overcrowd it. We also knew we had to properly utilize the original east wall round church window openings. We came up with a design that could not only partially maintain the double-height first floor but also incorporate a second bedroom/den, this was exciting as it gave the space a wide usage while keeping the open design we wanted. Then, we realized we had an unexpected opportunity, this was the only home in the project where a legal spiral staircase could be incorporated, a goal early on (six years ago if you can believe it) in the ideation phase of the project. At the same time because of its location and its design, we were able to incorporate a gas fireplace, another early phase goal. This all allowed us to create a home that not only maximizes and efficiently uses space, but also has exceptional contemporary and heritage design. This is not just one of the most unique and special homes in the project, but also in the city, and we are exceptionally excited for people to see it." - THE DESIGN TEAM ​



位于东侧,在大楼最大的套房中体验奢华的生活,这是一个让您和您的客人惊叹不已的家。螺旋楼梯和燃气壁炉使这栋建筑成为最优质的住宅。北侧、南侧和东侧都有窗户,自然光线充足。有两个朱丽叶阳台和三个朝南的窗户。主卧室设有天窗,连接浴室配有定制花洒淋浴和两个水槽,以及第二个天窗。第二间卧室用途广泛,配备资源家具 LGM 旋转床和桌子(升级),使其既可用作书房又可用作第二间卧室。客用浴室配有浴缸和花洒淋浴组合,非常适合放松浸泡。该单位在南侧设有专用入口,并设有一个小前厅,为您提供隐私和便利。这确实是一个某种。

卧室 2


  • 特大号床配置

  • 朝南的倾斜窗户

  • 天空之光


  • 双水槽

  • 阵雨

  • 天空之光


第二间卧室|办公室 | Den​

  • 大号床配置

  • 一扇朝南的窗户

  • 一个朝南的朱丽叶阳台内置设计师圆床书桌,由资源家具制作


  • 沉降浴缸​ |阵雨


Please note all renderings are design mockups and changes have been made as construction has proceeded that are not yet reflected. However, the general feeling and quality of each unit have been maintained and specific design sheets will be provided for serious enquiries. We have made a conscious decision to wait until the project is sufficiently completed (90%) before putting any units up for sale. Our goal is to provide a top-notch experience for potential buyers by allowing them to physically (or virtually if abroad) visit the units, while in their final stages of construction.   

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